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MassGIS Data: Networked Hydro Centerlines

July 1999

The Networked Hydro Centerlines layers were developed for use with the now-discontinued Watershed Analyst extension that was used in ArcView 3.x. 

Download the Centerlines layers
ESRI shapefiles and SARIS lookup table (30 MB)
The Networked Hydro Centerlines layers were developed for use with the Watershed Analyst extension that was used in the now-discontinued ArcView GIS 3.x version of the MassGIS Data Viewer. The data were developed by watershed, divided into 32 tiles based on the SARIS (Streams and Rivers Information System) IDs of the Major Watersheds. Each tile name is a four-letter abbreviation of the basin name. The tiles are named as follows:
SARIS ID Major Basin Name Tile Name
11 Hoosic HOOS
12 Kinderhook KIND
13 Bashbish BASH
21 Housatonic HOUS
31 Farmington FARM
32 Westfield WEST
33 Deerfield DEER
34 Connecticut CONN
35 Millers MILL
36 Chicopee CHIC
41 Quinebaug QUIN
42 French FREN
51 Blackstone BLAC
52 Ten Mile TENM
53 Narragansett Bay NARR
61 Mount Hope Bay HOPE
62 Taunton TAUN
71 Mystic MYST
72 Charles CHAR
73 Neponset NEPO
74 Weymouth & Weir WEYW
81 Nashua NASH
82 Concord CONC
83 Shawsheen SHAW
84 Merrimack MERR
91 Parker PARK
92 Ipswich IPSW
93 North Shore (N.Coastal) NCOA
94 South Shore (S. Coastal) SCOA
95 Buzzards Bay BUZZ
96 Cape Cod CAPE
97 Islands ISLA
The networked centerline data, named HYDRONET_ARC, was developed for all watersheds except for Cape Cod and Islands. A route layer, named HYDRONET_RTE_SARISRT, contains only lines with a named SARIS route. The linework is dissolved on the SARISNAME field and is available for all land area within Massachusetts for all watersheds except Taunton, Buzzards Bay, Cape Cod, and Islands. The centerline was created and routed using a set of ARC/INFO AMLs from the 1:25,000 Hydrography as featured on the USGS topographic quads.


The HYDRONET_ARC layer contains the following attributes:

TILE_NAME Name of SARIS major basin tile
MINOR_TOT Type of water feature;Concatenated Digital Line Graph (DLG) codes
SOURCE Data source for coverage (100K enhanced or 25K DLG)
PWSID DEP PWS ID number of downstream Public Surface Drinking Water Supply
CLASS Designated Use Classification (not yet implemented; Mass. Surface Water Quality Standards)
ARC_CODE Generalized arc code derived from MINOR_TOT
HYA Generalized arc code derived from MINOR_TOT
RMIN Minor_num of polygon to right of arc
LMIN Minor_num of polygon to left of arc
RHYP Generalized arc code to right of arc
LHYP Generalized arc code to left of arc
CONNECTED Arcs that are in the route system
SARISNAME Name of stream or river based on SARIS system
ARCLINK Links arc to its route in the section table
T_MEAS Meters from mouth of routed major basin based on All route
SARISCODE Stream code based on the SARIS (Stream and River Id System)

The HYDRONET_RTE_SARISRT attribute table contains the following:

SARISCODE Stream code based on the SARIS (Stream and River Id System)
LENGTH Length of the route in meters
SARISNAME Name of stream or river based on SARIS system


These data datalayers are maintained by MassGIS. For information on data updates please contact Philip John by email at

For the latest data available for use in the Watershed Analyst, please see the current Status Map.

Last Updated 6/27/2011


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