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MassGIS Data: Department of Conservation and Recreation Pools

June 2015
This point datalayer contains the location of 46 pools in Massachusetts that are owned by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR).
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Sample of DCR Pools DataPool types include swimming, wading, diving and spray deck. The layer was developed by the DCR GIS Program and is based on DCR pool listings as of May 19, 2015.

This point datalayer is updated at the beginning of each season. For the most up to date information on the status of a DCR pool, please refer to this webpage.

The layer is stored in ArcSDE and distributed as DCRPOOLS_PT.


A list of pools was obtained from the Division of State Parks and Recreation. Each pool was on-screen digitized using a variety of sources (address information provided here, ortho imagery, Pictometry, etc.). Each pool type and status was verified with ortho imagery and Pictometry and, if necessary, by DCR field staff. Lifeguard status was verified via the Division of State Parks and Recreation. Universal accessibility was verified by the DCR Universal Access Program and DCR field staff. Physical addresses and phone numbers were imported from the DCR Pools website (above) and verified or refined to the greatest extent possible. Each pool name was researched in the Massachusetts Acts and Resolves Session Laws from 1692 to 2010. The applicable legislation was recorded in the LEGISLATION field. Finally, the REGION and DISTRICT and FOT (Field Operation Team) fields were populated via a spatial join between this datalayer and an in-house DCR regions and districts datalayer.


The DCR Pools datalayer's point attribute table has the following fields:

NAME Official name of pool
TYPE Type of pool (types may be combined):
SwimmingWater depth of at least two feet.
WadingWater depth between one inch and two feet.
DivingWater depth of at least ten feet.
Spray DeckZero water depth; may spray continuously or on demand.
STATUS Pool status ("Open" or "Closed" (temporary))
LIFEGUARD Level of lifeguard staffing ("YES" or "NO")
ACCESSIBLE Level of universal accessibility ("YES" or "NO")
ADDRESS Physical address of pool
TOWN Town where pool is located
PHONE Phone number of pool or facility where pool is located
REGION DCR region where pool is located
DISTRICT DCR district where pool is located
LABEL Abbreviated pool name, appropriate for map labels
LEGISLATION Legislation designating official pool name
COMMENTS Additional information about pool
FOT DCR FOT (Field Operation Team) responsible for pool
POOL_ID Unique, static ID for each pool for querying purposes


DCR maintains this datalayer and will provide updates to MassGIS.


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