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MassGIS Data: Courthouses

January 2019

The Courthouses point datalayer shows the location of all courthouses in Massachusetts.

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Sample of Courthouses The Massachusetts Court System consists of the Supreme Judicial Court, the Appeals Court, the Executive Office of the Trial Court, the seven Trial Court departments, the Massachusetts Probation Service, and the Office of Jury Commissioner.

The layer name is COURTHOUSES_PT.


MassGIS received a comprehensive list of facilities in April 2018 from the state's Office of Court Management and matched the addresses to MassGIS' Master Address Points. Physical locations were verified from the Massachusetts Court System using its Alphabetical listing of courthouses.


The Courthouses layer's point attribute table contains the following fields:

NAME Courthouse name. In instances where multiple courts are housed in the same facility, the highest level of court is the name.
ADDRESS Courthouse address (street number and name)
CITY Mailing address city/town of the Courthouse
COUNTY County in which the Courthouse is located
OWNER Courthouse owner
COURTROOM Indicates with "Y" if the courthouse contains a courtroom
DEPT_FULL Abbreviations of the court department(s) located at each facility. Codes are indicated in the field names listed below (SJC through LC)
SATELLITE Abbreviations of part-time courts within the facility. An "S" will appear in the corresponding individual fields.
SJC Indicates with "Y" if the Supreme Judicial Court is located at that facility
SC Indicates with "Y" if a Superior Court is located at that facility
DC Indicates with "Y" if a District Court is located at that facility
JC Indicates with "Y" if a Juvenile Court is located at that facility
PFC Indicates with "Y" if a Probate and Family Court is located at that facility
BMC Indicates with "Y" if a Boston Municipal Court is located at that facility
HC Indicates with "Y" if a Housing Court is located at that facility
AC Indicates with "Y" if an Appeals Court is located at that facility
LC Indicates with "Y" if a Land Court is located at that facility
MAD_ID ID for point location from MassGIS' Master Address Database


MassGIS maintains this datalayer and will make updates as needed with input from the Mass. Office of Court Management.


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