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MassGIS Data: Acute Care Hospitals

August 2009
This point datalayer shows the location of 82 acute care hospitals in Massachusetts.
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This point datalayer shows the location of 82 acute care hospitals in Massachusetts. Acute care hospitals are those licensed under MGL Chapter 111, section 51 and which contain a majority of medical-surgical, pediatric, obstetric, and maternity beds, as defined by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH). Sample of Acute Hospitals DataThe features in this layer are based on database information provided to MassGIS from the DPH, Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS). The August 2009 update of this dataset limited the features to include only acute care hospitals (and removed other "specialty hospitals"); it replaces the layer formerly known as "Hospitals and Emergency Room Facilities."  The August 2009 update kept the ER status data and also added attributes to track the status of trauma centers and teaching hospitals. OEMS defines these attributes as follows:

- Emergency Rooms provide emergency service to those in need of immediate medical care in order to prevent loss of life or aggravation of physiological or psychological illness or injury.

- Trauma Center – a hospital verified by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) as a level 1, 2 or 3 adult trauma center, or a level 1 or 2 pediatric trauma center, as defined in the document ‘Resources for Optimal Care of the Injured Patient: 1999’ by the Trauma Subcommittee of the American College of Surgeons and its successors; and meets applicable Department standards for designation, or a hospital that has applied for and is in the process of verification as specified in 130.851 and meets applicable Department standards for designation.

- Teaching Status – a hospital defined according to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission’s (MedPAC) definition of a major teaching hospital: at least 25 full time equivalent medical school residents per one hundred inpatient beds.

Stored in ArcSDE, the layer is named HOSPITALS_PT.

Stored in ArcSDE, the layer is named HOSPITALS_PT.


The MassDEP GIS Group developed the original dataset by geocoding a table of hospitals provided by the Massachusetts Division of Healthcare Finance & Policy. Locations were manually refined using digital ortho imagery, 1:25,000 USGS topographic map imagery and Internet map sources (individual hospital sites,, Attributes were verified and refined by DPH OEMS and MassGIS staff. Subsequent updates of this layer were based on database information from the MDPH OEMS. Point were added, moved, or deleted as necessary, and all were verified using the 2005 Color Ortho Imagery . The table HOSPITALS_PT_LDT was dropped as part of the August 2009 update.


The Acute Care Hospitals datalayer's point attribute table includes the following items:
HOSP_ID Unique identifier assigned by DEP GIS for each hospital. Included for historical purposes.
NAME Hospital name; may include hospital corporate system name and/or campus name
SHORTNAME Hospital name often used by EMTs when locating ERs, usually the familiar campus name
ADDRESS Hospital address (street number and name)
TOWN City/Town in which the hospital is located according to MassGIS Political Boundary data
STATE All coded "MA"
ZIPCODE Hospital ZIP Code
ER_STATUS "Y" for facilities licensed by the state to have an emergency room open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
"N" for facilities that do not have 24-hour emergency rooms that accept ambulances.
TRAUMA "Y" for hospitals verified as a trauma center (as defined above); "N" if not a trauma center
TEACHING "Y" if the hospital is defined as a major teaching hospital (as defined above); "N" if not a teaching hospital
ORG_ID Massachusetts Division of Healthcare Finance & Policy unique facility identifier
DPHNUMBER Massachusetts Department of Public Health unique facility identifier
EMSREGION Massachusetts Emergency Medical Services Region (see EMS Regions layer)


MassGIS maintains this datalayer. In June, 2003 the ER_STATUS attribute was added, two sites were added (Lahey Clinic-North in Peabody and Healthsouth NE Rehab Ctr in Arlington), and five sites were removed due to closure. Further refinement of the ER_STATUS field was completed in January, 2004.


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Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area
POINT (-71.10675990506 42.335950434655)
POINT (-71.065500777355 42.277433186356)
POINT (-71.106039079227 42.3371262696)
POINT (-71.045501743683 42.765188458585)
POINT (-71.069300853666 42.36259880425)
POINT (-71.107140280068 42.32991698013)
POINT (-71.061892989375 42.097893350362)
POINT (-71.198675667438 42.488412440031)
POINT (-71.039558228523 42.409194920478)
POINT (-70.680608410721 42.625177167554)
POINT (-71.341801026445 42.647217877312)
POINT (-71.061448023266 42.460386727958)
POINT (-71.528163447604 42.133387867315)
POINT (-71.791273759709 42.249397368247)
POINT (-71.105281142507 42.339850654782)
POINT (-71.377369495326 42.45044145942)
POINT (-70.579798341868 41.460785386396)
POINT (-71.300786593921 42.645719773907)
POINT (-71.554555172356 42.355309414025)
POINT (-71.063853916169 42.34983745255)
POINT (-71.073974172006 42.334470748711)
POINT (-71.108921332493 42.337593548705)
POINT (-71.07058413712 42.336846797169)
POINT (-71.805705605473 42.597818079473)
POINT (-72.633987095589 42.165883721763)
POINT (-71.335562474617 42.280010474341)
POINT (-73.281123894165 42.458060135817)
POINT (-70.946415145936 42.537212999525)
POINT (-72.208900610159 42.585511640435)
POINT (-71.274791029829 41.941990284456)
POINT (-71.573926208825 42.577540688386)
POINT (-71.107125852663 42.337557627405)
POINT (-71.070090428054 42.362864462696)
POINT (-71.148183414033 42.349430371756)
POINT (-70.991458012337 42.087929290129)
POINT (-71.133433919643 42.374356526883)
POINT (-71.692721913343 42.427439371716)
POINT (-70.622640872443 41.564324608249)
POINT (-71.418619129856 42.285172503241)
POINT (-71.98712244959 42.586303972408)
POINT (-72.592315642685 42.595718823268)
POINT (-70.979752742054 42.501851791177)
POINT (-71.111367570979 42.425917902053)
POINT (-71.168299994492 42.727696873071)
POINT (-71.23690239086 42.277070866915)
POINT (-70.938354279511 41.626381248162)
POINT (-70.890817158089 42.81430832318)
POINT (-71.246156952871 42.331001780226)
POINT (-72.653769521952 42.330552245936)
POINT (-71.201906881233 42.189193016854)
POINT (-70.937678212018 42.528996382737)
POINT (-73.249215878953 42.459965111447)
POINT (-70.644949863366 41.943140058484)
POINT (-71.01389153193 42.251071782487)
POINT (-70.906799863709 42.511132851161)
POINT (-72.041635486001 42.078663200246)
POINT (-72.603323253689 42.12131195312)
POINT (-72.594937768708 42.114641075127)
POINT (-71.094493041102 41.906181407323)
POINT (-72.242787326081 42.253648227829)
POINT (-70.71406170166 41.755938046451)
POINT (-71.122763742954 42.465990757103)
POINT (-71.792306577811 42.272913424483)
POINT (-71.761741535154 42.277821752881)
POINT (-70.272710417437 41.653453635027)
POINT (-70.875695815382 42.564107763384)
POINT (-71.1457954103 41.709811888744)
POINT (-71.163369084734 41.69275975738)
POINT (-73.371879633686 42.19111422629)
POINT (-71.762419543388 42.541140055631)
POINT (-72.627555804946 42.200314972161)
POINT (-71.150311866099 42.709841446274)
POINT (-71.076963261315 42.251121730833)
POINT (-70.100777215701 41.275184337364)
POINT (-72.759548962768 42.118293336184)
POINT (-73.109363229057 42.707399178717)
POINT (-71.109404996571 42.390109466997)
POINT (-70.954167789334 42.175895311359)
POINT (-71.104091468794 42.374482103524)
POINT (-72.341816884468 42.169604850399)
POINT (-71.141909056182 42.346600933023)
POINT (-71.128276087197 42.301349952428)
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